BRUXZIR in California : The indestructible

The Bruxzir, introducing an improved and better crown
Crown and bridges are prosthetic devices use to restore and fix damaged or missing teeth.
These prosthetic devices are carefully made and molded to comfortably fit the teeth for a good-looking smile
Crown and bridges are usually made up of porcelain, ceramic and porcelain fused to metal (PFM).
However, each has its disadvantages. For example, a PFM will have its dark line after some time despite its durability. On the other hand, porcelain and ceramic are fragile.
With these struggles always coming at hand, we recommend the use of Bruxzir.
Bruxzir is an all-ceramic crown with overall improvement on longevity, strength, and color.
With Bruxzir crown you won’t have to worry about its strength. Bruxzir has achieved its optimum strength by sintering the crown to 1,580 degrees Celsius for two and a half hours.
For color, Bruxzir will blend right to the natural contour of the teeth just like any other crown. The Bruxzir then will be glazed to have its smooth surface.
Unlike PFM, Bruxzir will never have a dark line even after several years.
Strength and color are no longer needed to be compromised for a crown. With Bruxzir, you can have a long-lasting beautiful smile.
And in Gorgeous Smile Dental, we offered Bruxzir crown.
Giving you the best product with the best dental service!

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