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Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace – The Price of Invisalign is already known in the market. Looking for affordable or the cheapest alternative has been a challenge to some. That is why Smile Direct Club was come into play. But Which is better among the two?

Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace : The Invisible Brace to Align Your Teeth in San Jose CA and Newark CA

Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace – Want to have a straight and aligned set of teeth in just 6-24 months? Maybe you are referring to teeth aligners that can assure you to bring back your beautiful smile.

Bandeau, as its first name, is the old-style version of braces which a French dentist has invented. Shaped like a horseshoe, pieces of metal are attached together depending on a person’s arch.

It was in 1819 when Christophe-Francois Delabarre invented a metal device, the wire crib, which is similar to today’s braces. Throughout the years, more and more discoveries have been applied to braces leaving it to be made of from various elements like gold, platinum, silver, steel, rubber, and wood.

Even before, aiming for an aligned set of teeth has been already practiced in early 1940s. Actually, archaeologists even discovered “mummies that have crudely constructed bands of metal around their teeth” which appears that aligning and straightening teeth is not new.

Back in 1943, Dr. Harold Kesling has developed Tooth Positioner. The appliance aims to have a “final artistic positioning and retention. It will also allow the orthodontists to achieve ABO-grade finish on a routine basis.

Meanwhile in 1964, the Dental Contour Appliance is invented by Dr. Henry Nahoum and is later developed by Sheridan with Essix Appliance in 1993 with the usage of pliers, burs, separators, elastics, and IPR. In 2001, the invisalign is introduced in a TV commercial.

As years pass, more and more patients, mostly teenagers, and dentists as Invisalign providers, are getting more interested to try the invisible or clear aligners.

In the year of 2014, Smile Direct Club has started as the first doctor-directed-at-home invisible aligners for thousands of customers who wished to have a beautiful smile in comfortably.

How It Started

Formerly named as Smile Care Club, Smile Direct Club is originally established in 2013 with a vision of “making it affordable and convenient to transform your smile.”

It has started when co-founders Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman have crossed their paths in a summer camp back in their youthful age of 13 when orthodontics has started to become a hit and trend to most of the youth who want to align and straighten their teeth.

However, the two are inspired years later to come up with a better solution that can give people to have a beautiful set of teeth in an affordable and convenient way.

In partnership and backed up with Camelot Venture Group, Alex and Jordan have started to mobilize invisible aligners.

The Smile Direct Club Product

The products comes with BPA-free which stands for bisphenol A. BPA-free means the Smile Direct Club clear aligner do not contain BPA chemical which is used to make plastic and resins. Smile Direct Club also assures that every clear aligner that they are creating will perfectly fit and will gradually shift to the patient’s “teeth into the desired position.”

Moreover, the best point about getting a Smile Direct Club is that the patients will not experience that the hassles of in-office visits bring. They have partnered with licensed dental providers so that you as their clients and patients will feel secured and assured with the professional treatment that you will be receiving.

Beforehand, the affiliated dental expert will review all the documents needed such as photos, medical history, and a 3D image of your smile to determine what exact and perfect treatment option that the dentist can give to you.

Beside from that, you can also contact their treating dentist in many ways, whether if it is through phone, email or even live chat, the Smile Direct Club have partnered with them to communicate with you and answer your questions during your treatment.

Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club

You are about to start your new you as you choose to have and purchase for the invisible or clear aligners, well good for you! You will now be able to experience what it has to be having gorgeous smile.

We know that all of you may have one question on your mind: Which will do it better, Smile Direct Club or Invisalign? Now, let us take a look at their uses and compare their benefits and advantages.

Actually, the uses of Smile Direct Product is somehow similar to the Invisalign. There are just some differences on the process and the benefits that it can offer to you.

Firstly, through Invisalign braces, you will have to undergo with the free assessment online to see if you can be a candidate for the Invisalign. Afterwards, you can proceed to the next step, you will need to look for Invisalign-approved doctor near your area. The dentist will review your dental status and give you a set up for your treatment plan. You will then visit your dentist every month for monthly checkups.

However, Invisalign costs $3000 to $8000. But the price may decrease by receiving imbursement with the help of your insurance company.

While in Smile Direct Club, the invisible aligners are advisable for patients who have mild to moderate dental issues, such as crowding, spacing, and gaps. The Smile Direct Club at-home teeth straightening is doctor-directed and take note, it can be done completely remotely. But before starting your dental transformation and just like in Invisalign, you will need to undergo an online smile assessment, do not worry, it will just take you 30 seconds. After the assessment, you may now visit a local Smile Shop for a 3D scan of your teeth or do impressions at home using their handy impression kit.

Once you are already done with the visiting, you will be given a doctor-directed treatment plan showing the preview the new look of your smile. It will be shipped to you all at once to avoid hassles of travelling or moving and for your own convenience. The treatment may take four to 14 months. And according to Smile Direct Club, “You’re eligible for remote check-ins with a licensed dental professional every 90 days, but you’re not required to make monthly doctor’s visits.”

Wait, there’s more! The Smile Direct Club offers their patient a service 60% less than other options, implicating that you can pay it the treatment fully costing $1850 or the second option is that you can prefer to pay using Smile Pay by giving a down payment of $250 and $80 a month within 24 months. Reimbursement from insurance and through HAS, FSA, and Care Credit is also acceptable.


Is there a Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace? It depends on your condition

Is there a Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace? It depends on your needs.

Is there a Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace? It depends on your personal preferences.

Cheapest Alternative to Invisalign and Brace? Find it at your own risk.

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