Crowded teeth are fairly common, but they don’t have to be a part of your life for the rest
of your life. We can usually fix it without surgery because it’s a reasonably simple

We understand how something as seemingly little as crowded teeth may have a
significant influence on your life. It can make you unable to smile, cause oral health
problems, or impact your self-confidence to the point that you are unable to live your life

Despite the fact that aligners have mostly surpassed braces in popularity, they are still
an excellent treatment option for crowded teeth. Braces, or orthodontic appliances as
they are more accurately known, are cemented into the teeth and gradually modified to
realign them. Braces can take the same amount of time to treat as an aligner.
Cosmetic recontouring is a simple operation in which we modify the teeth to make them
fit together better. This is best for people who have only slightly crowded teeth and is
quite effective.
Aligners are a non-surgical treatment option for crowded teeth. Invisalign, for example,
helps straighten teeth so that they are straighter and fit better in the mouth. Teeth are
easier to keep clean as a result, and your grin is more visible. A series of aligners is
used to gradually reshape the teeth over the course of one to two years.
In more extreme cases, tooth extraction may be the sole option for dealing with crowded
teeth. An extraction can immediately relieve the problems of those who simply have too
many teeth for their jaw size. The remaining teeth can then correct or be coaxed into
place using an aligner.
Sometimes porcelain veneers are used to treat crowded or crooked teeth. This surgery
is more intrusive than cosmetic recontouring. It’s frequently the quickest approach for
people with modest crowding and misshapen teeth to get a new smile and get rid of
their cosmetic difficulties.

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