Denture adhesive and when it is needed

It is very important that the prosthetics you have feel comfortable and steady. We saw several videos wherein prosthetics like dentures are falling out while talking. It is embarrassing, right? So if you want to prevent that from happening to you, keep scrolling because we got you covered.

Denture adhesive is a product applied to the denture that made a contact to the gums to keep it intact and firm. It is the layer that binds the gum-like part of the dentures to the actual gum of the mouth.

Adhesive comes in different forms like powder, paste, pads and gel. But when do I need denture adhesive? Did the dentist failed to do the work?

The answer is you have to consult first to your dentist. However, if the dentures are properly placed and fitted adhesive is not necessary. But if you ever feel uncomfortable, you must first ask your dentist about it rather than fixing it yourself.

We also made the step-by-step procedure on how to apply adhesive whenever you needed it.

Just check the article Applying Denture Adhesive.

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