Does wearing face mask can cause tooth decay?

As we continue to embrace a new normal under the current coronavirus pandemic, the threat of the disease is not the only one we should be afraid of.

Recently, dentists reported a rise of patients with tooth decay and gum disease since wearing a mask became a requirement before going outside.

How is it possible?

When wearing a mask, most people breathe using their nose making the mouth to dry out. When the mouth is dry, it means the production of saliva is lower than usual. Saliva is very essential because it neutralizes the acid entering the mouth and it prevent the tooth from decaying.

The decrease in saliva may also lead to periodontal diseases and if not taken care of immediately may result to strokes or heart attack.

While we still can’t let go of wearing mask as we may acquire the deadly coronavirus, experts advise everyone to stay hydrated and do brushing and flossing regularly.

We need to keep in mind that covid-19 is not the only enemy.

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