Effective and Proven Cavity Fighters

Dental Sealants and fluoride are known products to fight cavities and which are often applied by dentists. But did you know some products can also help fight cavities? And when I said products I’m referring to foods. Yes, some food products have the power to protect the teeth against cavities.

Lists down below are cavity fighters


Wine is known beneficial to the health by drinking one glass every day. Among its benefits are fighting the bacteria that can cause tooth decays and cavities. According to a study, some chemicals in it are helpful for the oral health, however, not all wine are the same.

Chewing Gum

While chewing gum sometimes sticks to the teeth, a sugar-free one made from xylitol is recognized as a cavity fighter. It is ideal to consume it thrice a day to guarantee effectively.


Raisins have been debatable for quite a while now, whether it should be included to this food or not. But one thing is certain, raisins are proven fighters of bacteria in the mouth with its flavonoids and polyphenols ingredients.

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