Eight Types of Dentures in Milpitas Dental Clinic

A DENTURE is a detachable tooth and tissue replacement that replaces missing teeth.
Here are the eight types that will help you determine what is the best for you!
Full dentures in the traditional sense
All of a patient’s teeth are replaced with complete dentures. Unlike dental bridges, which
are anchored to existing teeth, they sit on top of the gums. After the teeth have been
taken, complete dentures are usually implanted within 8-12 weeks.
Complete dentures
When a patient still retains some natural teeth, such as one or more teeth in the upper
and lower jaws, partial dentures are employed. A pink-colored base is connected to a
metal component. The denture is held in place by these two pieces.
They are convenient and removable, so you may remove them as needed. Partials are
made of all-acrylic or acrylic material and serve to keep the other teeth from sliding.
Personalized dentures
Personalized dentures are constructed from higher-quality teeth, resulting in a more
natural-looking grin. The new denture is visible even before it is finished. The denture is
made just for your smile, so it looks natural and meets your needs.
Immediately available dentures
Urgent dentures are usually fitted on the same day as the teeth are pulled. However,
you must be a suitable candidate for this sort of denture.

Dentures with implant support
A dental implant is used to secure the denture in implant supported dentures. The
denture provides a substantial amount of support for a stable foundation, allowing the
denture to remain in place. The dental implant is also natural-looking and long-lasting.
Dentures that snap-in
When it comes to stability, snap-in dentures are the best option. They are secured firmly
in place by dental implants or anchors attached to the natural teeth.
The locator attachments inserted within the tissue side of the denture set them apart.
The locator attachments are designed to snap into the implants or locator receptors.
This implies that they are portable and removable (like partial dentures).
When a patient is missing teeth but still has enough bone to support an implant, snap-in
dentures are typically employed.
An overdenture is a removable appliance that fits on top of the gums and is secured
with dental implants. It can be used on either the upper or lower jaw, according on the
demands of the patient. The overdenture can also be taken out.
Dentures on top
Upper dentures are exactly what they sound like: dentures for the upper teeth. Upper
dentures may be the best option if you are lacking teeth in your upper jaw.

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