Emergency Dentist Near Me

We recognize that individuals who are experiencing a true dental emergency require
immediate assistance. That is why, on a daily basis, we try to make room in our
appointment books for customers who require an emergency dentist.
Booking for an emergency dental service includes the following:
 Toothaches
 A chipped or broken tooth
 A tooth being knocked out
 Denture repairs
 Sports injuries
When a tooth is knocked out, what should you do?
If the tooth is clean, replace it in the socket straight away. The upper end of the tooth
(the crown) should be grabbed, not the root.
If the tooth is unclean, soak it in milk or have the patient gently suck it clean before re-
inserting it into the socket.
Wrap the tooth in plastic wrap or preserve it in milk if it can’t be replaced.
You can follow some basic dental emergency treatment for all other dental
Depending on your specific dental needs, the cost of an emergency dental appointment
will vary. At the time of your appointment, your dentist will discuss the likely charges
with you.
For more queries call Gorgeous Smile Dental’s contact number and we will be happy to
respond to you any time of the day!

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