Fixed Bridge vs. Removable Dentures

Fixed Bridge vs. Removable Dentures – The truth is that there must be a balance between your desires as the patient and what
your dentist can offer when choosing between a fixed or removable bridge. The best
course of action for you will be determined by an assessment of your remaining teeth,
bone, gum tissue, as well as your requirement for lip and cheek support.
You can seek the advice of your dentist and/or a prosthodontist, a specialist in complex
crown, bridge, and denture procedures, to assist you in making this choice. They will
discuss whether a removable bridge, also known as a “overdenture,” that rests on top of
implants is preferable to a fixed bridge due to its aesthetic, sanitary, and long-term
maintenance benefits. And if those arguments weren’t convincing enough, it’s also
crucial to remember that people who have previously wore dentures favor this course of
treatment for speech problems.
A fixed bridge or removable dentures are the two major alternatives available to
someone who desires to have their teeth replaced. Other than being inexpensive and
simple to put in the mouth, detachable dentures don’t offer much long-term value to the
patient. These types of dentures can be secured in place via implants in the jaw or by
fitting over the gums.
The drawbacks of removable dentures include unnatural appearance, painful gums,
discomfort when eating, impaired pronunciation, and loss of taste.
By a wide margin, the advantages of a permanent bridge surpass those of removable
dentures. A fixed bridge is a permanent solution to tooth loss and will perfectly mimic
natural teeth. These teeth should survive between ten and twenty years if additional
care is used when cleaning them.

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