Gingivitis and its causes

Gingivitis is one of the common oral problems. But does this amount to anything scary?
The answer is no. Gingivitis is a not that risky but it should be taken care of immediately because if it continue to worsen it could lead to periodontitis.
Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. When the mouth holds too much amount of plaque and bacteria the gums will pay also pay the price not only the teeth.
So how should someone be able to avoid this from happening?
Listed below are the possible causes of gingivitis and these obviously are the things to avoid, however, not all can be avoided.
1. Diseases – study shows that people with diabetes, cancer and HIV have higher risks of having gingivitis
2. Smoking – cigarettes are nothing but a destructive force to the body. Not only has that it caused gingivitis but a lot more diseases throughout the body.
3. Family history – family members who had a history of gingivitis can also be a reason, this puts the other members in high risk of experiencing gingivitis.
4. Plaques and bacteria – these two are the main causes. Brushing the teeth properly and can help reduce the chances of having gingivitis.
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