How many Bacteria inside the mouth

eating, urinating, and dying. Yep, all of this is occurring in your
mouth right now. Your mouth has both safe and spooky neighborhoods, much like most
 The number of germs in your mouth is about 6 billion.
 Bacteria come in 700 different species, roughly.
 There are undesirable bacteria that can lead to issues like gum disease and
tooth decay, but there are also beneficial bacteria that keep these undesirable
bugs in control. Also, they can aid in food digestion and safeguard you from
hazardous foodborne pathogens.
 Certain foods may aid in bacterial removal. The gums can be stimulated by
vegetables like carrots and celery, whereas fruits such
 It’s crucial to use a plastic or metal tongue scraper to clean your tongue because
it contains a lot of bacteria.
The following issues can also be brought on by oral bacteria:
 Cavities
 tooth decay
 poor breath
 Guilty recession
 bleeding gums (gingivitis)
 Periodontitis (gum disease) (gum disease)
 increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and cardiac arrest

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