How to Save in Dental Discount Plan in Milpitas

If you don’t have dental insurance, a dental discount plan may be worth investigating.
These dental discount programs aren’t insurance. They’re a form of membership that’s
comparable to a warehouse club, but instead of getting discounts on groceries or
apparel, you receive them on dental services.
Members of discount plans pay an annual fee instead of monthly installments or
premiums, as they would with standard dental insurance. You will be given a dental
discount card, which you must display at each dentist appointment in order to receive
discounted service fees.
These plans do not reimburse dentists in the same way that traditional insurance does.
You pay the dentist directly instead. However, in order to receive any discounts, you
must visit a dentist who is part of your plan’s network. Otherwise, you will be charged
full price.
With a dental card, what kind of discounts can you expect? Of course, your savings may
vary depending on where you reside and whatever plan you select, but there are two
You could save 10% to 60% on treatments since the services are offered by a network
of dentists who have agreed to charge less.1 However, not all services may be
accessible with these plans, so make sure to compare the list of services to any other
plans you’re considering.
Fees charged on a monthly basis
On average, how do the monthly rates compare?
The cost of normal dental insurance ranges from $144 to $600 per person per year2.
The cost of a dental discount plan ranges from $75 to $100.3 Again, the premiums may
be less, but the services may be fewer.

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