How to take care of dental bridges

Care for Fixed Dental Bridges
When a person hears the word “bridges,” they often think of fixed dental bridges. These
bridges are designed to endure a lifetime and are permanent. They require the same
dental maintenance and oral hygiene procedures as conventional teeth.
Twice daily brushing
It’s crucial to frequently brush dental bridges, just like you would your natural teeth, to
get rid of food particles caught there that could cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum
For those who have bridges, flossing is essential, especially to get rid of food particles
and bacteria that have become stuck around the crowns. Using a water flosser around
the gum line and bridge can be beneficial.
Consider using a toothpick if your lack of dexterity prevents you from flossing. Move the
toothpick slowly under the artificial tooth to get rid of any remaining bacteria. Be careful
to move slowly, since using too much force could harm your gum line.
Dental irrigators
Patients enjoy using oral irrigators like the Waterpik. Plaque is water soluble, therefore
this water-based flosser removes both food particles and plaque via pulsating streams
of water. A lot of dentists advise using an oral irrigator just after a meal or snack.

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