How to Whiten Teeth in Milpitas

Tooth whitening is a popular dental treatment that offers various procedures to achieve a brighter, more flawless smile.

There are both at-home and in-office options available for tooth whitening, which use gels, toothpastes, films, or highly concentrated bleaching agents applied under expert supervision. The term “tooth whitening” generally refers to any process that improves the appearance of teeth, including the physical removal of stains or a chemical reaction to brighten the color of the teeth. Bleaching is a common method that involves the breakdown of chromogens, typically with the use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

In-office whitening can be completed quickly and painlessly, typically in about an hour, while at-home whitening involves using customized bleaching trays provided by your dentist and wearing them every day or every night with the appropriate whitening gel.

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