Periodontal Therapy in Milpitas

Periodontal therapy is an umbrella term for a variety of treatments that you may need if
you have gum disease. These procedures are crucial for repairing your teeth’s and
gums’ health and preventing tooth loss. Gum disease can be treated surgically as well
as non-surgically. Your best decision will be determined by your unique circumstances,
although wherever possible, the least invasive procedures are chosen.
Non-surgical therapies are part of periodontal therapy, but whether you’re a candidate
for them depends on the degree of your gum disease. Scaling and root planing, a non-
surgical treatment that involves scraping plaque from the surface of the tooth’s root,
behind the gums, can be used to treat mild to moderate cases. Dentists will often polish
the root’s surface, denying bacteria a rough place to adhere to and maybe preventing
future infections. A tray delivery system is another alternative. These trays are custom-
made for your mouth and shipped home with you to deliver medication to your gums
Surgical procedures are required in more severe situations to restore the health and
appearance of your gums and impacted teeth. Gum grafts are a surgical procedure that
protects the root of your tooth when the gums have receded too far. Gum tissue from a
donor or a healthy section of your mouth is relocated to the sick area during this
treatment. Another alternative is gum flap surgery, in which your gums are sliced and
folded back to allow for thorough cleaning of the roots underneath. Dental implants may
be required if your teeth have been irreversibly damaged.
While none of these treatments seem very appealing, it’s crucial to remember that
they’re frequently required to restore your oral health—and maybe to keep your entire
body healthy—if you’ve had periodontal disease. This is why flossing and caring for your
gums, rather than just the appearance of your teeth, is critical to your oral health.
Gum disease is very frequent, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A well-informed and
meticulous regimen that includes preventative measures and early detection of
problems will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for many years to come.

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