The Rise of Intraoral Scanners

Technology is very essential in our modern world as it helps the work easier and faster. High-end devices are now taking over traditional procedures although proven successful throughout the years.

Among the new technologies are the intraoral scanners. These are equipment that can make a 3D image of a patient’s teeth with significantly less uneasiness and wreckage than conventional dental impressions. A picture made with an intraoral scanner is basically a photo, so radiation introduction isn’t a worry.

The conventional way requires the patient to bite a certain dental product and will wait for five to ten minutes to solidify. The finished product is a moulded figure of the teeth.

But with the intraoral scanners, it can be done within few minutes with less procedures and faster results. It benefits both the patient and the dentist for a faster service with a lessen pain.

At Gorgeous Smile Dental, we offer the high-end technology to make our patients more comfortable and less fearful. Coping up with the trends and devices are very important to satisfy our patients every single day.

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