Things you need to know about temporary crowns

Similar to permanent crowns, temporary crowns are designed to be worn for a limited
period of time. The temporary crown will not adhere to your tooth as tightly as a
permanent one, and the dental cement used to bond it will not hold up as well over time.
Your dentist will create a temporary crown in-office, typically out of metal or acrylic-
based material. Although an acrylic crown will match your teeth’s color better than a
steel one, it won’t come close to matching the one that is being made especially for you
in the lab. The main purpose of the temporary cap, however, is to safeguard your
implant or natural tooth until your permanent cap is created.
When a natural tooth needs a traditional permanent crown, temporary crowns are
Your dentist will install a temporary crown in place until the permanent one is prepared
since a permanent crown needs to be created to your specifications and takes a few
weeks to complete.
Using a temporary crown, you can:
 safeguard the gums and natural tooth (or implant site)
 enabling you to smile without a gap normally
 minimize any gum or tooth sensitivity
 keep the appropriate distance between your teeth.
 aid in chewing and eating
 assist the dentist in evaluating how the crown will perform

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