Tooth Extraction Near Me

Pulling out a tooth can be a reason or two but it should be only done by a dentist.

A dentist takes precautionary procedures in order to make the surgery safe and less painful as it can be. Luckily for you, Gorgeous Smile Dental has its dentist with hands as light as it can get.

Dr. Precilyn Silvestre-Melo is a known dentist in California and has a majority record of satisfaction from his patients.

So don’t hesitate if you need to have your tooth extracted.

There are reasons why tooth extraction is necessary:

The tooth is too badly damaged, fillings won’t work anymore.

Trauma or decay because of unhealthy eating habits while brushing the teeth less as required.

Tooth extraction is also needed when the mouth is crowded, for alignment purposes.

Watch the video below to see how tooth extraction works.

credits to Medical E-Study on YouTube

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