What is Arestin in California

Arestin is a sustained-release antibiotic known for its localized efficacy in eliminating the bacteria that lead to periodontal disease. During routine dental examinations or periodontal therapy, dental professionals can apply Arestin beneath the gum tissue with ease.

In common dental practice, your dentist will likely apply this antibiotic, Arestin, to the inflamed gum pockets subsequent to carrying out the scaling and root planing (SRP) procedure. This approach has a significant advantage over oral antibiotic tablets in that it focuses specifically on the area in need and assists in exterminating any harmful bacteria that may remain after the SRP treatment.

Post the application of Arestin, patients are recommended to avoid brushing the treated region for at least 12 hours and to avoid the usage of interdental cleaning aids in the vicinity of the treated area for about 10 days.

Furthermore, patients are advised to steer clear of food items like popcorn and caramel, or any other hard, crunchy, or sticky foods that may potentially cause harm to the gums.

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