What is the Missing Tooth Clause?

The majority of dental insurance providers contain a missing tooth or replacement
clause in their policy contracts. If your contract has a missing tooth clause, it indicates
that if a tooth is lost before you purchase your new dental insurance plan, your new
dental insurance company will not be responsible for replacing the tooth or covering the
expense of its replacement. If your contract includes a replacement clause, your dental
insurance company will almost certainly impose a waiting time during which the policy
must remain in existence before any coverage for the surgery may be applied.

A dental insurance policy must take into account two factors:
 The missing teeth clause’s terms and circumstances
 Whether or not a member must wait before being eligible for coverage.
When assessing dental coverage, check the fine print of the policy to discover if the
insurance company covers the costs of restoring or replacing a missing tooth.
Let’s say you notice a missing tooth provision in the insurance.
In that instance, you’ll know that the policy beneficiary won’t be reimbursed for a missing
tooth replacement if the tooth was already missing when the policy started.
The individual will subsequently be responsible for the cost of replacing the pre-existing
lost tooth (out-of-pocket expense).

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