Applying Denture Adhesive

Our jaw changes shape overtime that is why bonding the dentures is necessary in the long run. Normally, it is advisable to use adhesive but if you have your dentures for years, it is ideal to use some.

There are two types of denture adhesive: paste and powder. Studies show that adhesive makes it easier to talk and chew without the worry of the dentures getting loose.

How to apply paste adhesive:

Remove the dentures. Clean and rinse it well. Make sure to choose zinc-free paste dentures to avoid health issues due to over usage of zinc.

Start applying the paste to the upper denture. Only put the necessary amount and place it evenly.

                Do the same step for the lower denture.

                Put it back to the mouth and press the upper and lower dentures to keep them intact.

How to apply powder adhesive:

                Choose zinc-free powder

                Clean the dentures using denture cleanser

                Put the powder on the upper denture evenly

                Shake the dentures to spread the powder

                Do the same for the lower denture

                Wear them back and press to firm the adhesive

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