How to Properly Clean Dentures?

Proper cleaning is the foundation of long-lasting healthy teeth, and you already made the mistake before by being careless with it that resulted to tooth decays. We then made the necessary action to remove those permanently and put false teeth also known as dentures.

Dentures brought your gorgeous smile back and this time you have to take care of it. We listed down the ways to properly clean it so you won’t be making the same mistake again.

-Pastes for dentures. Believe it or not, there are special pastes to use for dentures because it has a different composition from the natural teeth. Liquid hand or dish soap can also be used as an alternative. Just rub it smoothly or massage the dentures.

-Keeping the gum and mouth clean. You should keep the gum and mouth clean despite losing the original teeth because it can also affect the dentures in the long run. Practice oral hygiene.

-Soak the dentures. Soaking the dentures overnight using a cleaning solution will prevent the dentures to become fragile.

-A soft brush is also recommended for cleaning the dentures. Despite being false teeth, it should be handled gently to last.

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