Benefits of Deep Cleaning or Scaling and Root Planing in Milpitas

Benefits of scaling are out everywhere on social media but there are more of it that you
didn’t know. At Milpitas Dental Clinic, we not only give superb services but we also
inform our patients.

Here are the things you need to know about Deep Cleaning or Scaling and Root Planing:

Scaling can help you get rid of bad breath, whether you have chronic bad breath (also
known as halitosis) or only have the occasional incident of malodor.
Many people feel that poor breath is caused by what they consume, however this is not
always the case. Tartar buildup is frequently the cause, therefore removing the sludge
from your teeth and gums is the only way to permanently treat chronic foul breath. Don’t
forget to brush your tongue, as the hair on your tongue can collect bacteria that cause
It’s excellent for your heart – Countless research have been conducted on the link
between a person’s dental and overall health. Gum disease and gingivitis have a direct
impact on your cardiovascular health. By merely removing the tartar that causes so
many of these chronic ailments, your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke,
diabetes, and a variety of other life-threatening disorders can be considerably
It will help you save money. Taking proper care of your teeth and mouth at home, as
well as seeing a dentist or hygienist on a regular basis, can save you thousands of
dollars or more over the course of your life. Regular cleanings by your hygienist not only
assist to prevent cavities, but they also help to detect cavities or caries early on. Taking
care of a minor cavity that could cost a few hundred dollars is a quick and
straightforward procedure. If left untreated, it will surely lead to issues such as infection,
root canal treatment, and tooth loss. All of them are unfavorable results that are
extremely costly to correct.

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