Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning in Milpitas

Professional dental cleanings can have a big impact on your overall health in addition to
keeping your smile dazzling. Oral hygiene issues have been connected to a number of
serious ailments. Bone loss, cardiovascular disease, strokes, malignancies, and a
variety of other medical and dental disorders are all linked to this condition. Brushing
and flossing at home are important, but to keep your teeth healthy and clean, you
should see your dentist on a regular basis and have annual dental cleanings with your
dental hygienist.

Here are seven reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner.

 Most stains that dull and discolour your teeth can be removed by your dental
hygienist, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.
 Cleaning your teeth can help you avoid gum disease, which can lead to tooth
 Oral cancer kills one person every hour in the United States, although many of
these malignancies can be cured if caught early enough during a routine
 There is a clear association between gum disease and cardiovascular disease.
Cleaning your teeth twice a year not only prevents gum disease, but it also
lowers your risk of potentially fatal heart attacks and strokes.
 Your dentist can easily discover early indicators of problems including fractured
fillings and fractures during a thorough dental cleaning.
 Many dental plans cover cleanings, and by taking advantage of your policy, you’ll
save money on dental costs in the long term.
 If your dentist discovers any major issues during a cleaning or exam, the clinic
can assist you in making financial arrangements to finance the required

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