Benefits of flossing

In almost every article you’ll see in the internet, flossing will be always besides brushing just like peanut butter and jelly. Flossing should not be neglected by everyone due to its undeniable benefits to the oral health.

Sweeping the spaces between each tooth with a thread like nylon is called flossing. Dental floss, nowadays, has different types, it can be flavoured, waxed or unwaxed and thick and thin.

Flossing should be done ideally before going to bed.

By doing so, it helps fight bad breath, the first benefit of flossing.

It also helps in preventing periodontal diseases which can cause someone a lot of money

Less percentage for cavities. Cavities if not prevented will infect other teeth that could result to decay

Flossing also keeps the gum healthy. Bleeding of the gum is painful and very irritating especially when talking and eating.

By doing flossing daily, your dentist will surely be brightened and happy.

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