Spotting Signs of Oral Cancer

Cancer is a serious disease that can occur in almost every part of the body, one is called oral cancer or mouth cancer. This can start as a sore in the mouth, white patch that thickens, and will continue to grow.

Some of its causes are smoking, drinking alcohol, and lower lip sun exposure.

Also, it is important the one can identify signs of oral cancer for immediate medication.

Below are some of the symptoms:

–       Bleeding of the mouth. Unidentified cause of the bleeding

–       Weight loss

–       White patches in the mouth

–       Numbness of the gums and lips

–       Painful swallow and chewing

If someone is experiencing these symptoms, make sure to go quickly to your dentist and get your mouth checked.

Avoid the risk factors leading to oral cancer is the best way to prevent oral cancer. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure.”

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