Benefits of wearing teeth retainers

As they can be expensive and take months or even years to straighten a smile, braces
are a big financial commitment. After the braces treatment is complete, retainers are
crucial and must be worn as directed in order to maintain your smile and keep your
teeth in their proper positions.
Removable and permanent retainers are the two main categories. Based on your
needs, any ailments you may have, and the reason you needed braces, an orthodontist
will assist you in making the best decision. A removable retainer for your top teeth and a
permanent one for your bottom teeth may be the only options available to you.
 The positioning of some people’s teeth may make it difficult for them to enunciate
some words. A retainer can aid in properly creating sounds. A retainer can also
be used to treat tongue push, which is when the tongue sticks out through the
teeth while speaking and causes speech problems. A tongue cage, a specialized
retainer, can stop speech obstructions brought on by tongue thrust for this
particular issue.
 Following the removal of your braces, the bone and tissue will also need to adjust
to the new conditions. Your bite will be fixed following braces with the aid of a
 The teeth may migrate back to their original positions in the months that follow
the removal of the braces. Patients can avoid this by wearing a retainer as
directed after their braces have been taken off.

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