How to clean fixed brigdes?

Bridges need to be brushed the same way as other teeth. It can be harder to clean in
between bridged teeth. The simplest item to employ, if the interpoximal spaces are big
enough, is probably a little interproximal brush. Unfortunately, some bridges have
interpoximal embrasures that are too narrow to accommodate a little brush in their
construction. If there is enough room, floss can be used to clean between teeth and
under the pontic regions.
To help the floss pass through the inteproximal spaces of a bridge, floss threaders have
traditionally been utilized. Floss threaders are tiny plastic loops that may be pushed into
the gingival interproximal embrasure and have a straight section. Once through the
loop, the floss is dragged through the embrasure.
Since some pontics are made with concave surfaces in order to fit perfectly over the
ridge where a tooth is missing, it might be difficult to effectively clean under them. The
process of using normal floss to clean this area is difficult to convey. Because it is a
three-part dental floss, Superfloss is a good product to use for this. Regular floss is
attached to one end that has been stiffened by paraffin, a thicker midsection that
resembles a soft pipe cleaner, and the other end that is flexible.
Remember that porcelain crowns require the same level of maintenance as real teeth
do. To prevent serious dental problems and lengthen the lifespan of your replacement
teeth, wash your teeth, interdental space, gum margins, and spaces underneath the
bridge thoroughly after each meal.

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