Pros of using Amalgam
Silver, mercury, zinc, and copper are among the metals used in amalgam fillings.
They’re also known as silver or metal fillings. This method of filling is less expensive
than composite resin and provides longer-lasting effects. An amalgam filling can last up
to 15 years if properly cared for. Amalgam fillings have a higher resilience to damage
because to the metal alloy employed, making them a better alternative for greater areas
of decay.
Pros of using Amalgam
However, amalgam fillings have gained a negative image in recent years due to the
mercury content of the material used. Mercury is a heavy metal to which certain patients
are hypersensitive or allergic. Another disadvantage is the way it appears. Silver fillings
stand out more, especially while laughing or smiling with your mouth open. Amalgam
fillings can darken the appearance of the entire tooth over time, making it appear grey
and dull, detracting from the overall aspect of a smile.

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