Disease is mostly caused by improper hygiene we are doing. It is the consequence of complacency.

For example, poor brushing and flossing of teeth will result to gum disease. It is an infection of the tissues firming the teeth.

Gum or the periodontal disease have many stages. Pain also grows as the disease worsen.

As said earlier, the hygiene of the teeth is very important this includes the frequent visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning because brushing alone can’t eliminate all the bacteria in the mouth especially those that have been hardened.

Visiting your dentist for your teeth cleaning is a great way to keep away from the gum disease. So don’t hide from your dentist.

An individual can detect if he/she has a periodontal disease as the common symptoms are; swollen, bleeding gums, breathing smells bad, hard to chew and teeth become sensitive.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms, don’t hesitate to visit your dentist for they know better of the teeth than anybody else.

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