Periodontal Diseases and Treatment

One must not just worry about the cavity in the tooth but also the health of the whole mouth. Every part of the mouth is prone to which are called periodontal diseases.

The gums, periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone are the parts around the teeth that often catches diseases.

One of the common infection is gingivitis that affects the gums in the early stage before it infects the other structure in the mouth.

This should be treated well before it triggers the link towards several health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.


Curing gum disease can be surgical and non-surgical.

In surgical action, the dentist will try to stop the spread of the infection before the surgery takes place. After taking out the infection, the patient will have to return once in a while to maintain the health of the mouth to prevent such disease from occurring.

Meanwhile, deep cleaning can be done by the dentist to solve the periodontal disease. It will remove the bacteria from the affected area if the infection hasn’t gone too far.


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