Hollywood Smile in Milpitas Dental Clinic

Definition of a Hollywood smile
A dental makeover known as a “Hollywood smile” will give you a smile suitable for the
big screen. Nowadays, everyone may have the Hollywood appearance because to
advancements in dental technology.
The goal of a Hollywood smile is to have teeth that are the ideal size, color, and form to
match the rest of the mouth. Each person’s own facial traits are taken into consideration
when creating the grin.
Why you need a Hollywood smile?
 correction of enamel flaws that result in persistent tooth discolouration and
cannot be eliminated by whitening techniques
 restoring teeth that are damaged or worn
 big cosmetic fillings that have changed the color of a tooth’s enamel and made it
stand out from nearby teeth.
 teeth with fractures.
 The misalignment of teeth that suffer from deviation, are not equal in size and
length, or have an unnatural shape compared to the other teeth should be fixed.
 bridging the spaces between teeth
Finding a dentist or facility that specializes in smile makeovers or designs is the first
step. Your dentist will do a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth during your
appointment before you start treatment, and he or she will make recommendations for
various treatment options based on your cosmetic requirements. There may be some
crossover between oral health and oral cosmetics (such as with orthodontic therapy),
which not only improves the appearance of teeth but also realigns them.

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