What is dental crown jacket?

One of the most popular fixed prosthetic choices nowadays is the Jacket Crown. It
represents a revolution in cosmetic dentistry since it enables the replacement of the
visible portion of the tooth with a substitute that is true to the teeth’s natural appearance.
Most of the time, a prosthetic therapy will be necessary (especially when there is a
significant loss of tooth substance, due to a cavity or a fracture, or a discoloration
affecting the entire natural dental crown). The visual aspect of anterior teeth, which
needs to be perfect, is the most crucial factor to take into account. The Jacket Crown is
a cosmetic prosthetic that was created as a result of current technologies.
Benefits of Dental Jacket
 Support a tooth that has suffered severe decay damage.
 Keep a tooth that has already suffered damage from getting worse.
 After a root canal, keep a tooth safe.
 Hold a tooth that is severely damaged or cracked together.
 What Kinds of Crowns Are There?
The dentist prepares the tooth by removing its outer section so the crown will fit. Also
eliminated is any deterioration. The dentist may strengthen the tooth’s core if more tooth
structure is required to support the crown.
To generate a precise model for the Jacket Crown, an impression is taken.
While you wait—usually less than two weeks—for the permanent crown to be prepared,
you will receive a temporary crown. This tooth might be sensitive to heat and cold while
you’re wearing the temporary crown. During this period, stay away from sticky foods and
chewing gum as well.
The model is then utilized by the dentist or a lab technician to assist in creating the
Jacket Crown.
The dentist makes the required changes to the new Jacket Crown before placing it in
your mouth. The crown is affixed to the tooth once you and your dentist are pleased
with the way it feels and appears.

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