Identifying the Causes of Bad Breath

Having a bad breath is very common. It is caused by many reasons including poor oral hygiene. Bad breath can sometimes reduce one’s self-esteem and obviously is bad to the overall oral health. Identifying its causes can help you track down what other things contribute to bad breath.

Below are some factors resulting in a bad breath

  • Using mouthwash. You probably think mouthwash is helpful to fight bad breath, yes it is but it also differs. Mouthwash with high contaminations of alcohol can cause you a dry mouth which leads to bad breath.
  • Drinking less water. Water is very essential to the human body which includes the oral. We must keep ourselves hydrated because water washes away bacteria causing the bad smell.
  • Smoking is a proven cause of bad breath. We all know it is bad for our health, right?
  • Too much alcohol intake. There is a saying that ‘too much on everything is bad’

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