Procedures for putting crown

If you’re ever wondering how much time will a crown takes away from you then the answer is it’ll take just two dental visits to finish applying. Also, it is not a waste of time because crown helps protect weak tooth, restore broken tooth, etc. Those who are qualified for a crown have their own choices on the type of crowns they want as we mentioned in the previous article.

On this note, we will elaborate the procedures dentists are doing for putting crown to the patient.

The first visit is for the examination of the tooth as well as preparing the crown. X-rays will be performed to evaluate the status of the tooth. Root canal could be done if necessary.

The dentist will also reshape the affected tooth as a preparation before putting the crown. Temporary crown could also be applied.

During the second and final visit, the customized crown will now be placed. Reminders on how to take care of the crown should be kept in mind regularly to keep the prosthetic in good shape.

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