Natural Looking Crowns at Gorgeous Smile Dental

If you are looking for a crown that will suits the color of your teeth then you should visit Gorgeous Smile Dental for that to come true.

The top clinic in California is offering three types of natural-looking crowns that you can choose from, the all-porcelain crown, porcelain-fused-to-metal or the zirconia bruxzir crown.

All-porcelain crown blends well with the colorization of the teeth, hence, making the crowns look like all-natural. However, porcelain is fragile and can break easily if not properly taken care of. This type of crown is best for those who want cheaper crown at the same time, great prosthetic.

Meanwhile, pfm also provides great aesthetics, a bit stronger than all-porcelain but due to the metal fused it can cause grey line in mouth.

Topping the two is the zirconia bruxzir crown. The newest type of crown available. Since Gorgeous Smile Dental vowed to give the best services to its patients, we acquired the rights to use zirconia bruxzir crown.This type of crown is a bit costly, however, bruxzir is the best crown available. Combining the strength and the appearance, zirconia bruxzir is on the top. You won’t need to worry about grey line or poor aesthetics with this crown.

Patients can choose freely from these crowns so what are you waiting for? Call us now!


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