Teeth Check: How many coffee should I take a day?

Having a coffee to start the day has always been a part of our routine, for most of us. We are also aware that coffee lovers have to refill the cup for more whether it’s during noon or late at night.

But how many should you take per day to keep you away not only from diseases like ulcer, acidity or heart problems but also from coffee stains that may lead to tooth decays.

It is advisable to limit your coffee intake at most twice a day. However, if you already have decays this will be more problematic. One way to keep the stain away without stopping drinking coffee is to use straw. By sipping it through the straw, the coffee will bypass most of the teeth as it will directly head to the throat downwards.

Aside from what mentioned above, thoroughly brushing the teeth is relatively important to wash away the remains and stains for it not to cling on the enamel for long.

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