Tooth extraction aftercare

Many people have tooth extractions in order to remove a tooth or teeth because they
are a popular treatment. You might be worried about the healing process if you are
getting an extraction or have had one. There are some suggestions that can help you
recover from this quickly and effectively.
Don’t stop replacing the gauze used on a frequent basis to prevent infections.
Do take the medications that your doctor has prescribed for you, and do so on promptly.
Try to keep your head as raised as you can; laying flat should be absolutely avoided.
Eat easy-to-chew meals.
Don’t skip the milkshakes and juices.
Eat ice cream, as it may be helpful.
Don’t smoke, chew tobacco, or drink alcohol as these can harm your teeth and gums
and interfere with your ability to recover.
Don’t use a straw when drinking because doing so may cause the blood clot to be
pulled out of the tooth extraction site, where it may then become infected and painful.
Don’t suck on lollipops or toffees because they also use the sucking motion.
Avoid eating tough or difficult-to-bite foods since they might harm the healing area and
delay recovery.
Don’t consume hot beverages, while lukewarm ones may be effective.
Avoid doing anything that can make your socket bleed or dry.

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