Tooth Fillings, All you need to know

A filling is an approach to reestablish a tooth harmed by decay to its ordinary capacity and shape. At the point when a dental specialist gives you a filling. By closing off gaps where bacteria can enter a filling prevents further damage on the tooth.

There are types of Fillings which depends on your preference and your budget. Some are very affordable while some are quite pricey but will last longer.


Among all the type of fillings, GOLD FILLINGS are the most durable. It can last up to 20 years even with frequent force applied. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive.


Before gold there is silver, AMALGAM FILLINGS have silver hue, and can also withstand force. Due to its dark color, it’s not placed on visible areas of the teeth.


This type of filling is the most common and the most affordable. It blends well with the tooth as it has the same hue. It will be placed and mixed directly into the tooth, as it hardens. Composites can wear out over time. It is also prone to stains especially on coffee and tobacco. Out of the fillings, composites break easily thus precaution and controlled force is advice when chewing if your teeth have composites.


Same as the gold, PORCELAIN FILLINGS are also expensive. Given its high price, this filling generally covers and restores most of the tooth and it is resistant to staining. It is also called inlays or onlays depending on the placement of filling. It is made inside a lab and it will be bonded to a tooth.

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