What are the signs of Dental Cavities?

Cavity is a common oral problem for many of us. More than two billion people around the globe have dental cavities on their permanent tooth which may lead to severe oral problems.

Tooth filling is done if the cavity is not that deep while extraction if the tooth can’t longer be saved.

In order to avoid unnecessary spending money and quickly tackle before turning worse, especially right now with the pandemic halting works and businesses, here are the signs you should be able to notice immediately if you’re on pace of having cavity.

  • Visible holes appears on the teeth. This will get bigger if not taken care of
  • Tooth becomes too sensitive due the enamel has weakened
  • Bad breath because of the plaque build-up that turned to cavity

If you’re experiencing these common symptoms make sure to take the necessary actions right away or call us, Gorgeous Smile Dental, to fix it right away.


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