How Invisalign is Made?

Invisalign is a modern technology and different from the traditional teeth aligners or braces. Thus, the process on how Invisalign is made can be called unique.

Align Technology is the big reason behind the production of Invisalign.

X-rays and photographs will be taken from the patient’s teeth to create detailed three-dimensional photos. Align Technology prides its company from such work.

Once done making the 3-D model, the orthodontist and Align Technology technicians work hand-in-hand to lay out the steps to straighten the patient’s teeth. Note that every patient has different teeth, thus, every Invisalign is specifically made for each patient’s need.

They then will create trays of Invisalign for the patient. One must wear Invisalign for two weeks before it can be replaced by a new one.

The movement of the teeth is based in the computer simulation made by the company and the dentist.

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